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Like nearby Hanging Rock, the rocky outcrop that is the Camel’s Hump is a mamelon, a volcanic feature formed six million years ago when thick lava squeezed up through a small vent in the earth’s crust. It is the highest peak in the Macedon Ranges at 1011m and offers superb views of the surrounding countryside.

It is a steep 500m ascent to reach the viewing platform the top, but it’s worth it!

There are other walks from the Camel’s Hump Car Park if you don’t wish to hike to the top. A popular walk is the Camel’s Hump to Days Picnic Ground route, which is 1.8km, 30‐40 minutes one way. The circuit track loops around the Camel’s Hump and continues over Mount Macedon Road and onto Days Picnic Ground.

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