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Creating intuitive art is all about letting go of everyday life and giving yourself permission to be in the now.

Join the multi-displinary team of Monica, Jo, and Dianne and learn about the energy behind colours. During this one day session participants will receive a Spirale colour reading to help you tune in to who you are, you will then receive one on one coaching in abstract art techniques which will allow you to be gently guided in the release of your artistic self expression and, finally, have your artwork interpreted by a psychic medium to reveal the hidden meanings behind your work. More information about Spirale colour readings can be found here.

Enjoy the supportive and inspiring atmosphere of an intimate group like minded people and allow the intuitive artist in you shine.

No artistic knowledge or training is necessary, just the willingness to let go and let yourself be guided by your inner light. All tools and materials required to create your artworks are provided.

A delicious lunch will be provided created from all local organic produce and able to cater for any dietary requirements you may have. We also provide you with a divine afternoon treat and tea and coffee facilities are available throughout the course.

About your facilitators…

Jo Carroll

As an abstract artist and Reiki Master, my passion is to create from nothing. No preconceived ideas, references or plan of composition — I let myself be guided by the energy within.I create imagery that is scenic, atmospheric and ethereal, taking the viewer into the painting to experience something transcendent and mystical.Clouds, nebulae, water, mysterious landscapes and the exalting glow of light are common themes in my works. My goal is to capture the imagination of the viewer and provide a moment of serenity — to pause, reflect, re-balance and energise.

Monica Di Luzio

I’m a qualified Reiki Master, a Spirale Colour Therapy Master Teacher and Practitioner, and a Feng Shui Consultant. To top it off, I’m an avid environmentalist.I have always been drawn to the idea that positive energy exists and, after a major life change several years ago, I fully embrace and live my life with the knowledge of this divine power.I love to see the changes and the ‘aha’ moments from my clients when I help them during a healing session or workshop – this is why I do what I do.

Dianne Barca

I’ve been fascinated with colour since my earliest memories.  As a community nurse working in the 1980’s I draw inspiration from Louise Hay’s book: ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. These days, as a Spirale Colour Therapy Consultant, connecting with others to assist them to find clarity, direction, and to use colour to enhance their energy, is what I find so rewarding. Dianne is a psychic medium, a Reiki practitioner, as well as using tarot & oracle cards to tap into intuition for healing and communication. She has found that life is a continual and exciting learning curve for which she is most grateful.

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