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Villa Pileggi Olive Oil

Australian Certified Organic and Australian Certified Extra Virgin

Grown and Cold Processed In Gisborne, Victoria

Villa Pileggi is Macedon Ranges’ first and only olive orchard producer/processor open to the public. The Villa Pileggi orchard, consisting of 1250 Frantoio trees, is both Australian Certified Organic and Australian Certified Extra Virgin.

We provide the public with organic products ranging from:

  • Green whole marinated olives
  • Green split marinated olives
  • Black whole marinated olives
  • Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil
  • Olive tapenade
  • Vinaigrette

Our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed, non blended, non filtered, combining traditional style methods with the latest processing technology. The Frantoio olive which originates from Tuscany produces a very rich green blend suitable for salads and bruschetta.

The Villa Pileggi orchard, which lies at the foot of Mount Macedon in Gisborne Victoria, was first purchased back in September 1997. Over two successive years an intensive development programme was undertaken to establish the groves and a fully irrigated drip system.  In 2011, work began to establish a shop front/cafe on the grove in order to give customers the opportunity to view our processing facility, sample our locally made produce and choose from our light refreshments menu.

Villa Pileggi appeals to those individuals interested in organic local produce. The importance of this is reinforced by the fact that farmers markets are growing in precedence across the local community. As a store holder at various markets around Melbourne, we are seeing an increasing demand for fresh, locally grown produce. Developing the Villa Pileggi shop front was representative of this heightened demand for organic olive oil and given that we are the only Australian Certified Organic and Certified Extra Virgin processors in the area, we have felt very honoured to be able to develop the business as a result.

Our detailed website promotes all farmers markets that we attend, including organic shows where our product is used in cooking demonstrations.


Villa Pileggi prides itself with providing quality customer service and is dedicated to ensuring that our reputation for exceeding our customers’ expectations continues.

Villa Pileggi functions as a tourist destination with our retail store at home on the orchard.  Our objectives here are to provide the customers with a holistic experience, enabling them to take a walk through the orchard, choose from our light refreshments menu, educate themselves on the benefits of olive oil, see first hand how our high quality product is produced, purchase fresh local produce, olive trees and importantly, experience the beauty of living in the Macedon Ranges. Whatever the experience, we at Villa Pileggi understand that customers mean a lot to our business and therefore appreciate it very much when they attend our premises and provide them with the respect and hospitality they expect when visiting a Macedon Ranges tourist destination.

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