Romsey Mechanics Institute Paranormal Investigation Ghost Tour

Romsey Paranormal Investigation at historic building in the heart of Romsey.
Hosted by: Kyneton Paranormal
Romsey Mechanics' Institute, Main Street, Romsey VIC, Australia

Learn how to ghost hunt just like in the ghost hunting shows using paranormal investigation equipment including EMF meters, Rem Pod, Dowsing rods, Spirit box and Trifield meter, with experiments and guidance from your host and fellow paranormal investigator Dolly.

The Mechanics institute in Romsey, built in 1875, is a perfect building to hone your spiritual skills and connect with spirit. There are stories of the building being haunted, but we are there to find out with specialised equipment and experiments. A fun and interactive and affordable night for all wannabee ghost hunters.

Over 15yrs. $30/pax

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