Some areas of Macedon Regional Park closed due to storm damage. Updates call 1800 244 711. Click for current travel advice

10/12/2020: Turpins Falls has been closed to all visitors till further notice by Parks Victoria. The recent rains and increase in visitation has meant the steps have deteriorated and the entire visitor site is now closed to protect public safety. Signage and fencing are in place to prevent people accessing the carpark, track and falls.

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Situated along the Campaspe River, Turpins Falls are the result of the Campaspe River flowing over a wide 20 metre high rock wall that surrounds the deep downstream pool on three sides.

Turpins Falls is a large billabong and the pool itself is larger than an Olympic swimming pool.  Archives show that it was home to the Turpins Falls swimming club back in the 1930s (e.g. The Argus, 2/4/1935) before municipal swimming pools came into vogue. The falls have a reliable flow of water during winter and spring.  To see them in full sun it is best to visit early morning to mid-afternoon.

Turpins Falls stands out as one of the State’s most impressive examples of a naturally formed basalt column cathedral.  Its wide girth and large reflective pool combine to make it look and feel much larger than other waterfalls in its class” – Brad Neal, Author of Waterfall Seasons of Victoria – The Waterfall Guide.

Important Information

No amenities or general facilities (picnic tables or toilets) are available at the reserve, however visitors can enjoy scenic views of the falls from a lookout located a short walk (uneven path) from the carpark area.  Access to the top of the falls is permanently closed.  Access beyond the lookout to the base and rock pool below is via a steep, unmaintained track subject to seasonal closures during autumn  due to risk issues.

The park is managed by Parks Victoria. Swimming in the waterhole is not recommended due to the extremely cold water.  Jumping or diving off the falls is strictly prohibited and there is no camping permitted.  Road access and signage is poor.  Snakes are common and enclosed footwear is recommended.

Warning: Low visibility in the water means that there have been deaths and severe head/spinal injuries from cliff diving.  Visitors are to strictly observe all warning signage and to stay within fenced areas and paths. Please respect the area’s beauty and remove all your rubbish when leaving.

Over summer when we’ve had little rain, the water at Turpins Falls can become stagnant and affected by blue-green algae. This poses a health issue and should be taken into consideration. Contact Parks Victoria for information.

Kyneton is 12.6km away to access amenities and restaurants.


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Information for this article was sourced, with permission, from Swimming Hole Heaven and Waterfall Seasons – The Waterfall Guide


Opening Hours

7 Days. Pedestrian access to the waterhole is subject to seasonal track closures during the autumn period due to risk issues.

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