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Welcome to the spectacular Macedon Ranges region which offers opportunities for bushwalking, bike riding, scenic drives and picnics. The ancient landscape of the Macedon Ranges is an important part of the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people who have long known what a rich and diverse landscape this region is.

Explore Macedon Regional Park and enjoy lush forests, granite lookouts and spectacular scenery. Mount Macedon and the Camels Hump lookout are two of the highest peaks in the area and easily accessed for panoramic views.  There are destinations within the park for all abilities, there is nothing better for your health than getting out and enjoying the nature within this park.

Experience nature on a walk. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring all offer a unique seasonal flavour. Most walks are easy to moderate and you can choose to suit your physical ability. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the tranquility of the park. Keep a watchful eye out for local wildlife. You may be lucky to encounter kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, possums or some of the many birds including rosellas, galahs and tiny blue wrens.

You can also bring your dog, as dogs are permitted on a lead. Remember to respect park regulations as keeping your dog on a lead, assists in the protection of the nature of the area you have come to explore and enjoy.

Mount Macedon Memorial Cross

Mount Macedon Memorial Cross is a significant war memorial in Victoria. Located within the Memorial Cross Reserve on the summit of the mountain, this impressive memorial Cross commemorates those who served in Australia’s war and conflict efforts.

Major Mitchell Lookout

Offering stunning views to the north west of the range, this lookout was named after Major Thomas Mitchell, the first European to climb the 1000 metre peak in 1836.

After sighting Port Phillip Bay from the southern aspect of the peak, Mitchell named Mount Macedon in reference to Philip II of ancient Macedonia.

Mount Macedon Survey Cairn

This eight-metre high cairn was built in the 1860s. It is one of only three mortared stone Geodetic Triangulation Cairns in Victoria. It was built as a reference point for land surveys undertaken to accommodate Victoria’s expanding settlements as immigrants arrived from all over the world seeking their fortunes on the Victorian goldfields following the discovery of gold in the 1850s.

The Camels Hump

The highest peak in the range, Camels Hump offers superb views of Hanging Rock and the surrounding countryside.   A short walk along a winding uphill trail builds a sense of anticipation with the spectacular views upon arrival not disappointing the intrepid traveller.

Sanatorium Lake

A truly beautiful place to enjoy a walk or a picnic. The cool climate of the Macedon region was thought to provide a perfect environment for patients suffering tuberculosis and in 1899 a sanatorium was opened.  The sanatorium closed in 1910 and was later destroyed by fire. The lake was built to supply water to a new, larger sanatorium which was never built.

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