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Extinct! – the Lancefield Megafauna Festival

Offering an eye-popping programme of events, this is the second annual Lancefield Megafauna Festival organised by the community, .
2 The Crescent, Lancefield VIC 3435, Australia

This is the second annual Lancefield Megafauna Festival organised by the community.

Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of  November 2016 will see an exciting programme of events in and around Lancefield. 

This includes tours of the Mt William green stone axe quarry, a National Heritage Place of special significance for the Wurundjeri people, talks and activities about the history, pre-history and unique environment of Lancefield, most notably a public talk by renowned environmental scientist Tim Flannery, as well as entertainment and fun activities for all age groups on Lancefield’s much-liked Centre Plantation. The aim of the Extinct! festival is explore and celebrate the unique history and enviroment of Lancefield.

Mt William tours run all day on Friday 25 November, and on Saturday morning the festival will also coincide with the popular Lancefield Farmers’ Market.

Excavations reveal that giant wombats, or Diprotodon, as well as many other species of megafauna roamed the region until approximately 40,000 years ago. The bones of thousands of these animals are preserved in the clay of Lancefield Swamp, making the site one of the most significant for megafauna fossils in Australia.


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