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Whether you are going for a pleasant stroll or a vigorous walk, the Five Mile Creek Track offers an interesting course through areas of unique native vegetation, with adjoining picnic grounds, reserves, and recreational facilities.  There are some good spots for birdwatching along the track. The western section leads through a black gum reserve. It is the only place in the state where these trees (Eucalyptus Aggregata), which have become the town’s emblem, can be found.

The track commences at the northern end of Jeffrey’s St and finishes at Romsey Rd, covering a total distance of 3.4Km. Some people choose to begin behind the Visitor Information Centre and turn left or right.

Note that in following the path over the footbridge behind the Visitor Information Centre you may find the route under the High St Bridge to be inaccessible due to raised creek levels. If this is the case it will be necessary to cross High St (with caution) and return to the track on the East side of the bridge.

Continuing along the way, you will see ample evidence of activity by the Woodend Landcare group in the clearance of noxious weeds, removal or unsuitable vegetation and extensive replanting with native flora.

From Jeffrey’s St to:

Memorial Walk                                     0.34km

Lions Reserve                                      0.45km

Information Centre                              0.63km

Campaspe Park                                  0.85km

Thomas Court turn off                        1.67km

Woodend Primary planting               1.73km

St. Ambrose planting                          2.05km

Five Mile Creek Reserve                    2.20km

Ruby McKenzie Park                          2.57km

Weir                                                        2.80km

Seat                                                        3.17km

Romsey Rd                                           3.40km




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