A free interactive lighting & sound experience that journeys through Malmsbury Botanic Gardens, created by local artists Kirri Buchler, Thomas Campbell and Tashara Roberts.
Malmsbury Botanic Garden and Lake, Ellesmere Place, Malmsbury VIC, Australia

Please note – last minute due to weather conditions may occur. Please refer to this page for updates prior to attending event.

The Malmsbury Viaduct is seemingly impervious to the passage of time and the human fragility of those who built and move over it. Local artists Thomas Campbell, Tashara Roberts and Kirri Buchler derive their inspiration from the enduring majesty of the Malmsbury Viaduct – an architectural spectacle that countless have travelled across.

The journey trail

Journey past interactive sculptures, visual projections and imaginatively augmented locally recorded soundscapes. At the end of the trail, you can discover the Malmsbury Viaduct lit by a dynamic, colour-changing lighting design, and scored with original music.

An illuminated sensor will allow you to trigger small sequences of intricate sound design, synchronised with dynamic lighting response across the viaduct.

The trail is a short 5 minute long walk along a wheelchair-accessible path that winds through the gardens to an opening on the opposite side where you can view the viaduct under lights.

Light projections

Projections across the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens Lake and onto the hatchery will feature footage of human and animal migration and natural environments in the Macedon Ranges region. This footage will highlight the countless meanings that the concept of journey can take: from the passage of organic life and the cycles of the seasons (ie: the death of an autumn leaf), to the manmade mechanics that have adapted our ability to travel. By detailing the constant state of change in which we exist, the work promotes empathy for the commonality of ‘journey’ — our own, each other, and that of nature.

Bring a picnic and enjoy the beauty of the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens in all its autumn colour, transformed into another world.

About the artists

Kirri plays electric and double bass, violin (classical and jazz training) piano and electronic instruments. She plays both traditional and experimental music and creates sound design for select projects. She is so excited about collaborating with these two incredible artists, and also (like most people!) vigorously enjoys referring to herself in the third person.

Tashara Roberts is a contemporary First Nations conceptual artist whose practice includes photography, moving image, installation, mixed media, painting, sculpture and jewellery. She has completed a certificate in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Art and a Bachelor of Creative Arts.

Her work is sometimes subversive and politically charged; she uses visual culture to explore cultural and societal issues. Her multi-disciplinary practice often explores her Aboriginal heritage and/or shows the viewer what it is like looking at the world through her eyes. She describes her work as a shape shifting therapy that takes many forms and keeps her out of trouble.

Thomas ‘Soup’ Campbell from A Million Things is an Australian Composer, Musician, Sound Designer, Interactive Sculpture Artist, Record Producer and Sound Engineer. Thomas has collaborated with companies including Melbourne Recital Centre, Back To Back Theatre, A Blanck Canvas and The Indirect Object. Thomas has recently been exploring interactive illuminated sound responsive sculpture.

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