Sssshh. Drift off to sleep and dream of bygone days. Close your eyes and imagine a quiet rural railway station with just two steam trains a day chugging in and out, taking passengers, wool bales, hops, rabbit skins, flour and numerous other freight items to Melbourne and beyond.

That was over a century ago and we’re still finding cast-off draught horse shoes where these equine giants waited patiently under the shade of a still-existing swamp gum for the return journey back home. This is the very same eucalypt where members of the local Wurungeri tribe sat with possum skin pelts around their shoulders.

Lancefield Railway Station was the end of the passenger line and until a few short years ago, also housed the original turning circle which headed the engine back towards the big smoke and overcrowded wharves. Local boys would make a beeline to the station after school every day, where they would delight in turning the steam behemoths with just the touch of a small hand.

Lancefield Station closed in 1956 and for a time, appeared to be in danger of fading away. A small succession of subsequent owners undertook restoration works and, gradually the station and adjoining station master’s residence was returned to its former glory.

As the old saying goes, “If walls could talk”, the walls at the station would have a good deal to say. Stories abound including a bullet fired through the glass of a waiting room door (yes, the hole is still there) when a riot ensued because a resident station master refused to get out of bed to open a freight wagon containing cigarettes. Just goes to show you that cigarettes were once as important as beer!

Today, the Railway Station houses a unique Bed & Breakfast which can accommodate up to 8 guests.  Each queen sized suite has its own bathroom and breakfast is either country style or gourmet.  All food and beverages are preservative free and sourced locally where possible.

The loudest sounds you will hear these days eminate from the frog pond and bog garden, a sure sign that this property exists harmoniously with nature.


Disabled Access


From: $165 per night including cooked breakfast to: $210 per night including cooked breakfast and spa


  • Guest Rooms
  • Cooked Breakfast
  • Tea & Coffee facilities
  • Onsite Restaurant
  • WIFI
  • Bath
  • Spa
  • Wood Fire
  • Car Parking
  • Disabled Access

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