Upon entering “The Gala Blossoms” you are greeted with a garden filled with blossoming flowers. It is lively, it is celebratory, and it ignites a sense of joy within you. Wandering through, flowers of varying colours, shapes and forms welcome you. Immerse yourself into the celebration and explore this floral sanctuary.


Lydia is a water colour artist with a background in interior architecture. She has been drawing ever since she could remember and developed her design thinking extensively during her years of studying architecture at the University of Melbourne. It wasn’t until working as an interior designer at a building company that she began to paint professionally for others as well as herself. She has come to believe art is meant to be shared amongst everyone as it helps to bring out the best in all of us.


It is evident in her debut floral collection that Lydia pays attention to detailing. Every brush stroke is carefully positioned whilst still maintaining fluidity in each flower petal. She represents an elegant yet joyous style of water colour and utilizes her constantly evolving techniques to create detailed and unique pieces of art.

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