The Worlds Between

Discover the natural environment via bold collages
52-56 Mollison Street, Kyneton VIC, Australia
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Until 13 September
Accessible venue
Flat floors with ramped level changes and ramped doorways.

“The Worlds Between” explores the complex habitats of wetlands, mangroves and rock pools, those worlds between land and water. They are vital links between the watery and the solid, worlds of unique and dynamic relationships. We are beginning to understand how wetlands and mangroves are critical parts of our natural environment. They support a wide variety of plants and animals, and are important areas for migratory seabirds. Too often these habitats have been seen as expendable barriers to development, to be chopped down, drained and concreted over.

Anne Lawson is a Melbourne artist who creates works on paper that show the intricacy of the natural world. Her art practice has moved away from the detail of botanical art to the bold, abstract collages with acrylic paints. However, her creative vision remains focused on ways to interpret different habitats and the plants that grow there.

During Melbourne’s lockdown in 2020 Anne became fascinated with the wetlands in Ascot Vale. At the same time she learnt how to print and collage and found that this medium was a wonderful way to explore wetlands. She went on to use collage to explore other habitats, especially rock pools at Somers Beach and the mangroves of Westernport Bay.

She became a full-time artist after leaving teaching. While she has attended classes, she is largely self-taught, allowing her to be adventurous with ideas and materials. This is Anne’s second solo exhibition, and her work is in collections around the world.

The exhibition is on display in the Main Gallery of The Old Auction House from 5 August 2021 – 13 September 2021. Entry is free and open daily.

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