Group Exhibition – Alistair Pirie and Russell Petherbridge

Group exhibition of sculptural works by Alistair Pirie and Russell Petherbridge

04 October 2018 - 22 October 2018

9am-5pm Weekdays, 10am-4pm Weekends

Hosted by: The Old Auction House - Gallery

Alistair has been making sculptures since boyhood in Melbourne. At that time just after the war children were thrown back onto their own resources for toys and made their own as retail toys were almost unknown. An early love for working mostly in timber was developed.

He held two solo exhibitions Ararat City Gallery in 1975 and Leveson St Gallery North Melbourne in 1976 and since has entered occasional competitions due to family commitments.

He started working seriously again 3 years ago following the death of his wife Rosemary and this work is the result of that period.
The work has several underlying themes, playfullness, the joy of nature and an acknowledgment of the reality of the sub-conscious as expressed by Jung.

The timbers used have been sourced from local forests under licence with the kind permission of the Traditional Owners the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans who’s ownership of the forests is acknowledged.


At the end of the day sculpture is a non verbal pursuit so it is really up to the viewer to make hers or his own interpretation.


Russell began his sculpture career in l968, carving out large steel sculptures in a back lane, Gore Street Fitzroy. Moving to Central Victoria in the early 70’s, continuing as a full time artist and now living in Yandoit Victoria on an inspirational forested property nestled in the backdrop of the Wombat Forest – the beauty of the flora and fauna of this area is a theme often depicted in Russell’s work. Medium is steel, stainless steel, gold and silver – Most recent major installation is a massive 4 metre Aboriginal icon Bunjil at the Ballarat Hospital and a grave side monument for Rod May, collaborated with Hartley at WT Jones Stonemasons. Russell has exhibited both overseas and in Australia…his jewellry was distributed via Makers Mark Melbourne and Distlelfink Galleries for many many years. This exhibition is the union of two old friends both creating very different art with the common theme of joy and whimsy.


The exhibition is free to view and open to the public 7 days a week between October 4-22, 2018.

How to get there

52-56 Mollison Street, Kyneton VIC, Australia