Go With The Flow – Solo Art Exhibition by Dani Legge

An Art Exhibition of colour, joy and movement by Woodend Local Dani Legge
52-56 Mollison Street, Kyneton VIC, Australia

After dabbling in ceramics Dani Legge started her artistic career as a sculptor, working in wax capturing the minutia of her forms to be captured in the bronze and highlighted after her husband cast it. After a decade of this detailed work, Dani changed mediums to ballet outfits, after needing to make one for her eldest daughter, and it became a 25 year career! Dani mainly made stretched fabric tutus and created these intricate works of art for many ballerinas around Australia, as well as teaching workshops so others could learn her technique and still sells the occasional one she makes for the pure pleasure of it as well as her patterns.

Recently retired from custom-making tutus at 70, Dani found fluid art. A freeing moment, the polar opposite of the controlled, precise, detailed work of her past, the movement and unpredictability of the paints on the canvas drew her in. Still requiring her attention to detail in creating the mixes and her eye for colour in her choice of paints, the action of pouring and allowing the paints to each have its own space to create the unexpected and be a part of the final piece. Dani’s manipulation and variation of each of the paintings through masking, highlighting and more advanced techniques to create her final pieces shows that she is yet to completely let go of the details, but at 70 somethings will never change.

This exhibition is the culmination of a lifetime exploring creative possibilities, Dani’s love of colour and her exploration of the relationship between movement, joy, fluidity and their unexpected synergies. Dani’s hope is that her paintings like her tutu’s and sculptures before them brings joy and colour to anyone who comes across them.

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  • LGTBQ Friendly

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