Mosaic Words

44 Piper St, Kyneton, Victoria, Australia

With 18 years experience, Kathryn has been creating mosaics using a wide variety of materials, presented in a range of unique forms.

Public works are placed around Kyneton and district, and in private collections statewide, across Australia and internationally.

Projects often have words as an obvious or hidden feature and commissions can be based upon previous ideas or break new ground.  Technology is employed to transfer images to tiles, also opening up the customising possibilities.  The smallest works are unique wearable art pieces of gorgeous jewellery available at two local galleries.

MURALS     OBJECTS     SIGNS     ART     INFO   and   CHESS    made to order.

Opening Hours

Art on Piper Gallery Kyneton 10 -4 except Tuesdays
The Gallery Mt Macedon 10 -4 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday



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